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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.
Intelligence and Analytics

The Day after Dashboard in a Day


5 seconds to sign-up and 5 minutes to WOW! with Power BI - but what about those day(s) after your first Dashboard in a Day? You’ve started creating some reports, sharing with some peers and now the boss is singing your Power BI praise! Facing mountains of data and endless design decisions, how can you take your Power BI talents to the next level? In “The Day After Dashboard in a Day” we’ll go deeper into Data Preparation, Data Modeling and Data Visualization in a full day session incorporating the best practice patterns and customer stories that we’ve learned along the way.

You will explore the following:

• Getting and shaping your data: Using Power Query techniques along with looking at Dataflows and Power Query Online.
• Model your data: This is the heart of your data in Power BI and can have massive impact on performance. Following best practices for modeling is where you can push Power BI to the furthest. This also includes DAX and calculations.
• Visualize your data: Now that you have your data, you need to tell the story of your data for people to explore and act. What’s the best way to do that?
• Help your organization adopt Power BI: Understand how Power BI can spread in your organization and your role in that journey.
• And so much more…

This session is delivered by folks from the Power BI Customer Advisory Team (CAT) that is part of the Power BI product team and work with the largest enterprise customers in the world.

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Power BI, Cloud, Intelligence and Analytics, Visualising and Actioning Data, Developing, Modelling, Optimising, Modern Reporting & Insights