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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

Succeed with DevOps as a DBA


I love DevOps. I love DevOps the most because of its focus on automation. The key to understand DevOps is to grasp that it is your communication and environment that is important, not tooling alone, though tooling plays a factor.

One of the reasons I love DevOps so much is because I’ve done it successfully. I’ve worked on teams that built fully automated deployment mechanisms to get code from Dev to Production. Further, we automated the creation of dev & test servers. We automated the creation of production servers too. We automated the heck out of everything.

Automation frees you from drudgery. Instead of having to do dull work, you automate it. Now, your time frees up to do other things and those other things will absolutely fill your time. You’ll be tuning, designing, troubleshooting, all new and better databases. Automation removes thoughtless, repetitive tasks. It replaces them with tasks that require thought, that aren’t repetitive, that are more challenging and more interesting.

Moving from manual processes for development and deployment to a more automated approach requires a great deal of work and knowledge. In this all day seminar we will go through the steps to help you along this journey.

  • We will start with understanding how source control works and end with automated deployments across environments
  • You’ll learn about processes and tools that not only make it easier and faster to move database changes, but add protection to your production information.
  • We will discuss tools, process and the fundamental changes in culture necessary to take your database development and deployment into a high functioning DevOps team.

So, wanna join me and learn how to get your databases into a DevOps process?

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