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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

Professional Azure DevOps for the real-world


In this customized training day Data Platform professionals will be prepared to use Azure DevOps in the real-world.

Brought to you by two MVP’s who have extensive Azure DevOps experience. One who has used Azure DevOps extensively as a Product Owner and took the time to gain the Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer certification, and the other implementing in-depth technical solutions and contributing heavily to open-source solutions.

During the day we will cover all the default services within Azure DevOps. Whilst helping with jargon along the way and answering questions.

In addition to this, we invite attendees to join a special Azure DevOps organization. So that they can take part in demos based on real-life situations.

Even though it’s aimed mostly at SQL Server Professionals, a lot of the material can also be used with other elements within the Microsoft Data Platform.

Topics we will cover along the way include how to:

• Customize Azure Boards to manage your work items efficiently.
• Use Power BI to create powerful reports for Sprint reviews.
• Explain how Git works to other people.
• Decide which branch strategy to use.
• Implement CI/CD using deployment pipelines.
• Perform unit tests for SQL Server related databases.
• Manage test plans without a single spreadsheet.
• Use Azure DevOps as an artifacts store.
• Take full advantage of extensions.

Attendees will need to bring along a laptop to take part in demos. With Power BI Desktop installed if they wish to take part in the Power BI demo.

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Azure, PowerShell, Testing, Azure SQL Database, Power BI, Database engine, deployment, Move to the cloud, DataOps, Future DBA, Developing, Managing, Successful Delivery