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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.
Intelligence and Analytics

How to build a data warehouse solution for your analytical workloads


In the day long session some of the experts from Microsoft who implement the biggest data warehouses (Dedicated SQL Pools) show you how it's done.

We will cover;
* A brief overview of Azure Synapse Analytics
* Setup including stuff you must know before you go clicking things.
* Migrations
* Tables geometry (CCI/Heaps/CI/Round Robin/Replicated tables/hash)
* Data Loading - Best practices, hints and tips
* Workload management (WLM) - working out the best workload groups.
* Maintenance
* Managing different workloads
* Exporting/Sharing Data.
* Security
* Tuning

The ideal attendees will have been using dedicated SQL Pools for 3 months or someone is migrating an existing data warehouse.

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Azure, Synapse Analytics, Intelligence and Analytics, Optimising