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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

From Beginner to Certified: A Fabric Analytics Engineer Workshop


In this full day workshop, we’ll cover the skills and tasks required for a career as a Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer and prepare you for the DP-600 Certification Exam. Attendees for this session will learn about planning, implementing, and managing a data analytics environment; preparing and serving data; implementing and managing semantic models; and exploring, querying, and analyzing data.

We’ll explain how to identify the requirements for a data analytics solution, such as the components, features, performance, and capacity SKUs; how to manage the analytics development lifecycle; how to create objects in a lakehouse or warehouse by using a data pipeline, dataflow, or notebook; how to transform your data and optimize performance; design, build and optimize enterprise scale sematic models and finally explore and analyze your data using SQL. This workshop will prepare you for completing the Fabric Analytics Engineer Cloud Skills challenge and receive a 50% off voucher for the certification exam.

Learning Objectives

• Learn skills for planning, implementing, and managing a robust data analytics environment.
• Acquire proficiency in preparing and serving data through various methods, including data pipelines and notebooks.
• Develop expertise in designing, building, and optimizing enterprise-scale semantic models.
• Master techniques for exploring, querying, and analyzing data using SQL, while managing the analytics development lifecycle effectively.

Previous Experience

PL-300 or equivalent Power BI experience strongly advised.

Tech Covered

Analytics, Fabric