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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

DataOps: How to Deliver Data Faster and Better with Microsoft Cloud


DataOps is "DevOps for data". It helps data teams improve the quality, speed, and security of data delivery, using cloud-based tools and practices. DataOps is essential for real-world data solutions in production. In this session, you will learn how to use DataOps to build and manage a modern data platform in the Microsoft Cloud, with technologies like Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Fabric. You will also learn how to use various services and technologies to enhance your data platform, covering topics such as:

- Build & release management: automate and streamline your data pipelines and deployments.
- Versioning: track and manage changes to your data and code.
- Validation: ensure the accuracy and consistency of your data.
- Testing: verify the functionality and performance of your data applications.
- Monitoring, observability and alerting: measure, troubleshoot and escalate your data operations and outcomes.
- Developer experience: enable collaboration and productivity among your data team members.
- Infrastructure deployment: provision and configure your data resources and environments.
- Security and governance: protect and control your data assets and access.

Join us to discover the tools, techniques, and processes we use to provide secure, reliable, cost-effective data solutions in the Cloud.

Learning Objectives

• Understand how to embed and apply DevOps principles to a modern data platform
• Learn what practical tools and processes you can utilize to ensure the delivery high-quality data products
• Understand how to administer and govern modern data platforms to ensure efficient and quality solutions

Previous Experience

Data Engineering/Data Architect experience not required, but recommended Familiarity with Microsoft Products & Services recommended

Tech Covered

PowerShell, Synapse Analytics, Power BI, Python, Spark, Data Lake, Big data analytics, Modern Reporting & Insights, Purview, Operations, Fabric, Synapse Data Engineering, Synapse Data Warehousing, Synapse Data Science