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SQLBits 2024 runs from Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March.

Power BI: Optimizing Your Analytics Journey


• Are you experiencing performance issues related to large Power BI semantic models?
• Do you find it challenging to manage user-maintained files used in semantic models?
• Are you facing data modeling challenges, and how to approach them?
• Is managing access to your BI system proving to be a significant challenge?
• Are you dealing with slow BI development?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this training day is for you!

In this training session we will take flight into the world of Power BI with a focus on best practices, optimization and performance, considering an enterprise BI scenario.

Enterprise BI implementations require standards and best practices to ensure performance and facilitate governance and user adoption. There are inherent challenges of evolving and maintaining large semantic models, we will share common scenarios and how you can tackle them.

We’ll help you navigate the world of Power Query, so you can access the right data efficiently. We’ll soar into the complexities of data modelling, to maximize the reporting capability of your semantic models. Then we’ll climb up to the reporting layer, looking at creating effective data visualizations. And then landing at deployment, ensuring access is managed effectively.

This session is intended for those who have already started on their Power BI journey, but want to take their knowledge and skills to the next level in order to get the most out of Power BI, and to accelerate the development, performance and adoption in their organization.

Please note that this is an in-person only session, and is not available to virtual attendees

Learning Objectives

• Understand the implications of an enterprise BI project.
• Equip participants with the abilities to effectively address challenges using best practices.
• Master optimization techniques and performance strategies.
• Leave prepared to navigate the data analytics journey with precision and efficiency

Previous Experience

Attendees should have an understanding of how to connect Power BI to a source, transform the data, and build a dataset for analytics. They should also understand data modeling concepts such as fact tables, dimensions and relationships.

Tech Covered

Power BI, Excel, Big data analytics, Delivery