The work place is a challenging place to be. There are pressures from colleagues, bosses, clients, as well as pressures from home, family. All of these pressures impact how individuals are able to perform at work, and sadly in many cases results in people not achieving their potential.

Everybody is different and everybody responds to pressures in different ways. If you want to succeed or want your team to succeed, understanding how individuals work is crucial. This enables ways of working to be amended to enable everyone to maximise their super powers.

Some believe that neurodiversity is only something to consider for those with ADHD, or Autism. My experience is that the many of the approaches that are put forward to help nuero atypical people, are beneficial to everyone, because everyone has some atypical behaviour AND will definitely encounter others that are. Especially in our industry.

In this panel we will discuss approaches with leaders in the field who have first hand experience and welcome questions from the audience as to how everyone can maximise their and their teams super powers

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