SQLBits 2022

BI Power Hour

Oh my goodness - the BI Power Hour is back!!
The origins of the BI Power Hour are lost in the mists of time. According to legend, this demo-filled session was born when the Microsoft product team realized their amazing tools could not be constrained by Marketing-approved conference sessions. For more than a decade, the BI Power Hour has delighted and amused audiences around the world, while adamantly refusing to teach those audiences anything useful in the real world.

The last BI Power Hour was held at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in 2019, and many have feared this might be the last BI Power Hour ever. SQLBits 2022 is here to lay those fears to rest. The BI Power Hour is back.

In this demo-filled session, members of the Power BI CAT and Azure Synapse CSE teams will show your favorite BI and data tools being used for purposes for which they were never intended. We can't guarantee that you'll laugh, but we CAN guarantee that WE will laugh - and we can guarantee that you won't learn anything that you can use when you get back to work.

If you've never experienced the BI Power Hour, be sure to come early and get a seat. If you're a BI Power Hour veteran, you're probably already in line.

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