SQLBits 2018

Dont cross the streams, a closer look at Stream Analytics

This session takes a closer look at Azure Stream Analytics, and how you can make it work in your Projects.
Azure is ready to recieve all your event- and devicedata for storage and analysis.
But which options in the Azure IoT portfolio should you use to recieve and manage your data?
In this session I will explain the different options in the portfolio, take a closer look at how they work and what this means for you. Furthermore, I will take a closer look at the Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) language.
You will learn how to develop both simple and complex ASA queries, and how to debug. We will look at the possibilities, limitations and pitfalls in the Azure Stream Analytics language.
And finally look at the different input and output choices and when to use which one. This includes a look at how to build a live stream dashboard with Stream Analytics data in PowerBI. The session is based on real world project experiences and will use real data in the demos.