Take what you’ve learned about SQL Server and turn it upside down. In this humorous session I’ll be debating many of the so called "best practices" in SQL Server and demonstrating counter arguments. Come along to see how so called "pillars" of design are starting to break down.
  • When you should NOT use stored procedures.
  • When we don’t need indexes.
  • When Clustered Tables are bad.
  • When Identity Columns should not be Primary Keys.
  • When we don’t care about fragmentation.
  • When good naming convention’s go bad.
  • Why Partitioning often makes your queries slower.
  • Why do ORMs really makes sense when they make all your parameters nvarchar (max)
Health Warning: These may not be the design tips you should be using on your production OLTP.
Presented by Bob Duffy at SQLBits XIV
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