Microsoft HDInsight provides a 100-percent Apache Hadoop solution in the cloud. With HDInsight, you have a cloud-based big data platform that can manage the data of any type and any size, whether structured or unstructured. While petabytes of unstructured data can be processed in a few hours with Hadoop, SQL Server can process terabytes of structured data in a few seconds. What could be better than to connect both worlds and transfer data between HDInsight and SQL Server?

With the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - since included in SQL Server 2005 - and known as high-performance ETL platform, Microsoft also provides at first glance the ideal platform for this. But is that really the case? How does SSIS metadata and unstructured data get together? In this session, we show how SSIS and HDInsight can work together, as well as how Hadoop jobs can be executed and how data can be transferred with SSIS between HDInsight, SQL Server, and other sources or destinations.