Microsoft SQL Server is easier to administrate than any other relational database on the market.  But
“easier than everyone else” doesn’t mean it’s easy.  And it doesn’t mean that database administration
on SQL Server is problem free.  And since SQL Server is constantly growing from small, home-grown applications, many IT professionals end up encountering issues that others had tackled and solved
years ago.  Why not learn from those who first blazed the trails of database administration, so that we don’t make the same mistakes over and over again.  In fact, wouldn’t you like to learn about those mistakes before they ever happen?

This session will answer questions like:
  • What’s the mistake most likely to cost a DBA their job?
  • Why do inexperienced database administrators make their own job more difficult and less efficient?
  • Where can I get time-tested scripts so I don't have to reinvent the wheel?

There is a short list of mistakes that, if you know of them in advance, will make your life much easier.  These mistakes are the “low hanging fruit” of application design, development, and administration.  Once you apply the lessons learned from this session, you’ll find yourself performing at a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness than before.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SQL Server architecture, development, design, and administration.

Presented by Kevin Kline at SQLBits X