SQLBits 2024

A Data Engineer, Scientist and Analyst Walk Into a Bar

In the fast-growing world of data, there's no one-size-fits-all skill set for data professionals. Join us as we define roles, explore essential skillsets, and share our personal journeys, revealing how these roles collaborate in daily operations and shape typical data projects.
In the fast-growing world of data, there is not only one specific skill set required to be a data professional. If you are looking for a role in data or trying to build out a data team, it can be hard to make sense of it all.

Hear from four diverse voices in the industry as they define each role, delve into the essential skillsets required to excel in them and share their personal journeys into data. Discover how these roles collaborate and complement one another on a day-to-day basis and what a typical data project involving them would look like. Whether you're interested in building robust data pipelines, extracting insights from datasets, or creating cutting-edge machine learning models, this session will help you understand where you might fit in this diverse landscape.