SQLBits 2023

Next Level Availability on SQL Server 2022

Learn all about the availability improvements for the most cloud-enabled SQL Server 2022 release covering improvements that are available by default and new capabilities database administrators can enable giving way to a highly available and performant platform.
Learn how to take your availability strategy to the next level with even more availability and scale in SQL Server 2022. From the beginning, SQL Server has data protection and reliability as a core priority, as a result, Microsoft has a long history of innovation with data protection and availability strategies.
In this session we will focus on many of these improvements such as Distributed Availability Group improvements, the new Link feature in SQL Managed Instance, Availability Group performance and stability enhancements, Peer-to-Peer replication with Last Writer Wins (Write-Write replication), Contained Availability Groups, T-SQL Snapshot backup, and Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR).
Additionally, we will review SQL Server availability history, Disaster Recovery and High Availability concepts, and how to apply these concepts in SQL Server 2022.