SQLBits 2023

Let Me Sell You on Power BI Goals - The True Dashboard in Power BI

Implementing the Power BI Metrics feature in your organization.
Quite possibly one of the most underrated features available in the Power BI platform is the new Power BI Goals & Scorecard feature set. Announced and released in 2021, Scorecards can dramatically change the way users view and consume high level metrics in their reports.

However, there are questions on the true impact of scorecards for users. This misunderstanding is due to the lack of knowledge that planning out the story and visuals themselves is the critical piece that will drive the true value for users.

This session focuses on what are goals in the Power BI Service, how to properly plan out a scorecard and goals, and utilizing a Power BI report to create a narrative between the two. In essence, Scorecards when set up properly are the true Dashboard in Power BI.

Session includes:
• Introduction to the components of a Power BI Scorecard
• Walkthrough of a complete Scorecard and Goal set up
• Utilizing a report to cater to a Scorecard
• Utilizing the potential of Power Automate within goals
• Blue printing a Scorecard for your next report
• Using Scorecards as a Dashboard