SQLBits 2023

How to Slay Your Personal Dragons and Take the Next Step in Your Career

In this session, the speaker walks you through their personal experience in overcoming obstacles to grow their career.
This session is focused on people from all skill levels, however it is especially focused on those both new and seasoned who are in the data field and are ready to step up to the next level of their career.

The speaker will present their background and “dragons” that they have encountered along the way. The focus will be how common these “dragons” are to many of us, especially those who may be more reserved and/or introverted and how you can use these opportunities to build a foundation for your career. For some people, this may mean a new role in the data community with new responsibilities, others may be “super users” who are ready to jump into a more data focused IT role and for others, it may be how to jump into the community and share your personal perspective to help others.

Many of us struggle with how we can take the next step and the fear about the next step. This session hopes to normalize that feeling and provide some anecdotes that have helped the session presenter in hopes that others can slay their own personal dragons to get to the throne they desire!