SQLBits 2023

Get PaaS like benefits outside of Azure with Azure Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance

In this session, learn how you can modernize those SQL servers to a Kubernetes based Azure Arc enabled SQL managed instance and how you can get a PaaS like experience for your SQL Servers, in your own infrastructure. We will explore various areas such as: Architecture of Arc enabled data services Built-in automatic backups Built-in High availability Built-in Disaster Recovery Built-in Monitoring easy provisioning/deprovisioning etc. Plenty of demos included throughout.
More and more enterprises are choosing hybrid and/or multi-cloud as their default strategy recently. However, this also brings the challenge of using different set of tools and technologies to view and manage these resources as well as lack of consistency across the providers. With a Kubernetes based Azure Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance, get evergreen SQL Server with built in management capabilities such as built-in automatic backups, monitoring, high availability, disaster recovery etc. just like Azure SQL Managed Instance, but anywhere outside of Azure.