SQLBits 2023

Do You Speak English? Localized Reports with Power BI

Create a Power BI report where the user can choose the display language of headers and content.
Even when we live in a global world your end-users might expect to get their reports in their own local language. This talk is guiding you through the available options and necessary steps to give the report user control over the language:
• Content of textual columns
• Headlines
• Currency
• Model (names of tables, columns and measures)
• Power BI Desktop and Power BI service
You will learn to extend Power BI’s data model to allow for multi-language support of column content and headlines (and how you can automate the translation of the texts with Azure Cognitive Services). I will show you how you can implement currency conversion and how to translate the model’s meta data. Finally, we look at how to change the language in Power BI Desktop in in Power service.