SQLBits 2023

Accelerate Release Velocity and Quality with Modern DevOps Test Data Management Practices

Join the session hosted by Dan Graves, Delphix CTO, to learn modern best practices for delivering on-demand, ephemeral data into application development and analytics pipelines, whilst maintaining data compliance and governance. Data is a critical enterprise asset, but leveraging it fully poses challenges due to data sprawl, regulatory requirements, and volume. Learn pragmatic approaches for automating the delivery of on-demand, compliant data in the Microsoft data ecosystem, including the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, to safely reduce data friction in software development and analytics programs.
Modern approaches to development such as DevOps and CI/CD have resulted in more frequent releases, shorter lead times, better quality, and fewer change related failures. Unfortunately, test data management (TDM) practices have often fallen behind and continue to hold many organizations back. These antiquated approaches not only inhibit the adoption of DevOps and CI/CD, they often put sensitive data at risk and lead to privacy compliance (e.g., GDPR, CCPA) failures. In this session, Corey Brune from Delphix will discuss the common problems and risks of TDM and share best practices for providing test data on-demand to your developers, reducing the burden on DBAs, and eliminating the reliance on ticketing and manual processes for delivering production data to non-production environments.