SQLBits 2023

Banishing Slow Queries with Intelligent Query Processing

An overview of the performance enhancing Intelligent Query Processing features in SQL Server 2019 as well as including some new SQL Server 2022 items,
Slow queries can be the bane of any data professionals existence. Let's face facts, no one likes it when query performance is abysmal. We continuously strive to tweak things attempting to ensure query execution is as fast as possible. What if we could magically make things faster with the push of a button or two? Now we can.

Originally reborn from SQL Server 2017 Adaptive Query Processing (AQP) to Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) with SQL Server 2019, now SQL Server 2022 continues to bring forth even more enhancements making the query optimizer an efficient learning machine. With this newfound knowledge, SQL Server can now generate better optimized queries with minimal effort.

We will -
• See what's new with SQL Server 2022
• Examine how IQP works behind the scenes
• Look at real world demonstrations of IQP in action

Nobody likes slow queries. Nobody. Take advantage of intelligent query processing features and see how much of an improvement can be gained.