SQLBits 2023

Azure Data Explorer - a Torch in the Dungeon of Observational Analytics

Join this session to learn what Azure Data Explorer (aka Kusto) is, see it in action and get a quick start in this great platform for observational analytics.
Azure Data Explorer, aka Kusto, is a hidden gem of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. Its origin came from the Power BI team, who wanted to run ad-hoc queries on the massive telemetry data stream produced by Power BI service. Over time it appeared there are many more internal and external customers looking the technology that would help ingest, store, and analyze ad-hoc large amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Come to this session to get an introduction to Kusto, understand what analytical scenarios Kusto can address, see it in action (demo, demo, demo...) and find out how you can learn Data Explorer for free.