SQLBits 2022

The fundamentals of building a lakehouse with Synapse

The fundamentals of building a lakehouse with Synapse
The lakehouse architecture is growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional data warehousing approaches, but it can be difficult to know how to glue it altogether and the 'gotchas' along the way.

In this session I will go through the fundamental elements of building a lakehouse architecture using Synapse.

In particular I will cover; why a lakehouse and the differences to traditional warehouse design, the technologies and tools within Azure to assist you, how you can make the lakehouse accessible to business users using low/no-code technologies, how technologies like Synapse SQL Serverless can simplify the migration to a lakehouse architecture, and the some of the common 'gotchas' along the way.

Some of the technologies we will cover include; Azure Data Lake Store Gen 2, Synapse PIpelines, Synapse SQL Serverless, Synapse Spark with Delta, Synapse Dataflows and Synapse Link.

feedback link: https://sqlb.it/?7224