SQLBits 2022

Scaling SQL for your Peak Database Load

Scaling SQL Servers is complex and is more relevant today as the transactional and data growth rates continue to grow. In this session, we will talk about what it takes to scale SQL Server to meet the peak workload.
Each SQL Server is different, but all SQL Servers have one thing in common: there are times when the SQL Server needs to scale to meet peak workload of the business. But before the SQL Server can scale, you must determine the capacity and workload health of the SQL Server instance. After reviewing the SQL Server instance and determine you do not have enough capacity and identify 5 chaotic events that would impact the SLAs, what actions do you take to increase the capacity and reduce the chaos? What tools and metrics do you look at to determine the workload health and capacity of the system? In this session, we focus on what information to gather from the key stakeholders and document what success means. Then we focus on how to assess the systems to determine the capacity and workload health of the SQL Server instance using native Windows and SQL Server tools. Once we understand where the SQL Server is today, then we will focus on the process of calculating the future workload requirements and identifying what actions need to be executed to prepare the system for the peak workload.

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