SQLBits 2022

Automagic Tuning in SQL Server

Understand the automatic performance changes in Azure SQL and SQL Server
Identifying and fixing problematic query plans got a lot easier in SQL Server 2016, with the introduction of the Query Store. SQL Server 2017 takes that power a few steps further. Have you ever:

• Had a query suddenly slow down at 2 AM when you were on call?
• Seen a query that received a giant memory grant that brought the rest of the work on your server to a screeching halt?
• Had the optimizer choose the wrong type of join and send your query off to never finish?

Don’t worry, you will still have your job, but the features introduced in SQL Server 2017 will make narrow your focus to the absolute worst queries in your environment. You will also get a sneak preview of what’s coming into future releases of SQL Server in terms of performance.

feedback link: https://sqlb.it/?7050