SQLBits 2020

Statistical Analysis in T-SQL

Learn how to analyze your data with pure T-SQL to get the performance you cannot reach with R, Python, or other tools. Learn the math behind as well.

Transact-SQL language in latest editions of SQL Server has so many business intelligence (BI) improvements that it might become your primary analytic database system. You might even decide to use T-SQL for advanced analyses directly, without including R, Python, SSAS or Azure ML. However, to get the maximum out of these language constructs, you need to learn how to properly use them. This in-depth session shows extremely efficient statistical queries that use the window functions and are optimized through algorithms that use mathematical knowledge and creativity. During the session, the formulas and usage of those statistical procedures are explained as well. This session is useful not only for BI developers; database and other developers can successfully learn how to write efficient queries. Or maybe you want to become a data scientist? Then you need to know statistics and programming. You get the best of both in this session.