SQLBits 2019

Validate Your SQL Server Estate with Ease Using dbachecks

Learn how you can validate your SQL Server estate with ease using dbachecks
As a SQL DBA you want to know that your SQL Server Estate is compliant with the rules that you have set up. Now there is a simple method using PowerShell and you can get the results in PowerBi or embedded into your CI/CD solution

Details such as:

How long since your last backup?
How long since your last DBCC Check?
Are your Agent Operators Correct?
Is AutoClose, AutoShrink, Auto Update Stats set up correctly?
Is DAC Allowed?
Are your file growth settings correct, what about the number of VLFs?
Is your latency, TCP Port, PS remoting as you expect?
Is Page Verify, Data Purity, Compression correctly set up?
And many more checks (even your own) can be achieved using the dbachecks PowerShell module brought to you by the SQL Collaborative team.

and all configurable so that you can validate YOUR settings

Join one of the founders of the module, Rob Sewell MVP. and he will show you how easy it is to use this module and release time for more important things whilst keeping the confidence that your estate is as you would expect it.