SQLBits 2019

Smart Alerts in SQL DB using Automation and Logic Apps

Learn how to make Azure do the work for you by developing smart responses for Azure SQL DB alerts using Automation and Logic Apps.

If you have already dipped your toe into the waters of Azure SQL Database, you'll know that there is no SQL Agent provided with the PaaS service.

Fortunately there are a number of options available to get over this hurdle. One of these is Azure Automation which can be used as a scheduling engine to run PowerShell or Python scripts to perform your tasks. However, Azure Automation Runbooks can also be triggered from Azure SQL Database alerts.

This session will introduce Azure Automation, from a basic manually execute Runbook to an alert-drive responsive utility that can save you considerable effort.

We can also take out Alert responses a step further and use them as the trigger for an Azure Logic App workflow. Azure Logic Apps provide a robust workspace with built-in scalability and retry logic for your workflow along with a multitude of connectors which can expand the response to your alert.

Imagine being able to capture an Alert, perform the remedial action, log the issue and response in your ticketing system and switch on your kettle so you can sit back and let Azure do it all for you.