SQLBits 2019

How to Make Sure Your SSIS Packages Will Never Fail

If you never have errors in your SSIS packages, then you don't need to attend this session. But if you want your packages to be reliable and safe, and to handle errors appropriately, then this session is for you.
There are many methods and options in SSIS to handle errors during a
package execution. You can use event handlers, event propagation, package
transactions, precedence constraints, error rows, and more. Things get more
complicated when your package has multiple levels of containers, or even when
one package executes another. It is very easy (and common) to get lost and do
things the wrong way.

In this session we will learn about all the options available for us
to handle errors in SSIS, but more important – we will learn about the best
practices and the way to do it right.