SQLBits 2017

Deep dive into the secrets of Temporal Tables

Temporal Tables as a new technology in Microsoft SQL Server makes the implementation and management of data histories so easy. In this session, discover ALL the secrets of System Versioned Temporal Tables.
When was the price of an article changed and how was the original price?
How has the price of an article developed over a period of time?
Developers must solve their own solution with the help of triggers and/or stored procedures.
With temporary tables an implementation is ready in a few seconds - but what are the special requirements?
In addition to a brief introduction to the technology of Temporal Tables, this session provides an overview of all the special features associated with Temporal Tables.

- Rename tables and columns
- Temporal Tables related to triggers?
- Temporal Tables and InMemory - can this go well?
- can computed columns be used?
- how to configure the security
- ...