SQLBits 2015

Life saver-Resource Governor for applications & reporting

There are still environments which serve one single SQL Server database for both critical applications & reporting. Budgeting issues and infrastructure bottlenecks kill the application to be better managed and maintained. What could be the solution?
This critical situation still exists in many live production environments in various organizations. This quick Life Saver techniques will quickly enable you to provide prompt solution as a patch with Resource Governor features. This helps to manage memory, cpu resources and enables various applications & reporting to perform better by creating resource pools and allocating the memory for various groups, users, databases, applications. This session answers below questions.
  1. What does Resource Governor do? 
  2. What is a resource Pool? 
  3. Why any basic/intermediate users are given caution before implementing Resource Governor?
  4. What is this capable of doing in terms of allocating resources to the users, databases and applications? 
  5. What are the methods to implement Resource Governor & how to monitor the resource pools in terms of GUI & T-SQL?
There are plenty of questions raised for implementing the Resource Governor. Let us take a deep dive in understanding the internals & architecture of Resource Governor and implementing & maintaining a live environment with live sample.

You can take away working scripts, functions, tools to make a Resource Governor work and manage them.

Basic idea about memory & other resources within SQL Server.

Session Goals:
  1. To better understand the CAUTION given to basic/intermediate users.
  2. To enlighten the admins to use Resource Governor and the ways to identify and help a specific P1 applications to perform much better.
  3. Organize and streamline the users, ad-hoc requests and other congestions that make the SQL Server perform very poor.