SQLBits 2015

Create SQL FCIs with AGs cross site with no SAN rep???

Multi Site Tier 1 HA solution: 5 parts (1 Windows Cluster, 2 lots of cluster storage, 3 SQL FCI’s & 4 AG’s)
Microsoft document a lot on how to configure AlwaysOn, but most of this is focussed on standalone replicas, which to be frank are relatively simple to implement. What about those tier 1 solutions that want to also take advantage of SQL FCI as well as AG’s? Again this is fine if it is in one data centre. What about cross site?

Again, fine if you have SAN/ hardware replication. What about if you don’t have cross site storage replication due to budget or other technical constraints? I will walk through a solution that I have built which gives a true tier 1 solution consisting of 1 Windows Cluster, 2 DC’s, 3 SQL FCI’s & 4 AG’s.