SQLBits 2014

Hadoop: Big Data or Big Deal?

Hadoop (Big Data) vs SQL Server. A view from a SQL Server DBA / Developer
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Like the majority
of the SQL-Bits community, I have an extensive Microsoft product background,
with years of experience on the stack. Like the majority of the SQL-Bits
community, I’m being confronted more and more with talk of Big Data
Implementations. Tales of how big data will swoop in and change everything we
know about databases. I’ve spent the last 6 months deep-diving every Hadoop
implementation I could get my hands on (even paid for some training) to try and
dispel some common misconceptions I had about the subject. Here is what I

1)     Big Data compliments your SQL Server, it does not replace it.
2)     I don’t need to be a pro at Linux to use big data.
3)     I don’t need to learn complex new languages .. not when standard ANSI-92 SQL will do
4)     I don’t need to spend “all” my time in the dull, black command prompt. Today we use GUI !!
5)     Forget about SSIS .. after you see Talend .. you might never go back
6)     The most popular Hadoop distributions that everyone is talking about is not necessarily the best fit for me and my current SQL skills. Let’s talk Cascading & Lingual.

By the end of this session, I hope to share enough with you so you feel comfortable enough to take your first Big step into new data.