SQLBits 2012

SSIS with BidsHelper-Getting into BIML

Learn all about the integration of Business Intelligence Markup Language (BIML) into BIDS Helper and see what it can do for you. BIML can help you automate the creation of SSIS packages, reduce maintenance and help code re-use across projects.
SSIS is a great tool for transferring data from one data source to another, and for implementing complex ETL processes. However, there are some painful shortcomings in the toolset that make it difficult to automate package creation, easily reuse patterns and templates, create packages directly from schema information and other metadata, and work with others on the same solution. 

The free and open source BIDS Helper Add-In (http://bidshelper.codeplex.com) solves many common issues with BI development, and this is no exception.  BIDS Helper now offers support for automatically generating SSIS packages using the Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml).  Biml is an XML-based language that allows you to describe your BI solution in a declarative fashion, similarly to using HTML to describe how a web page should appear. In addition, you can embed BimlScript (C# or VB.NET code) into Biml, in the same way that ASP.NET works with HTML. This allows for large numbers of packages to be created with a minimal amount of code.  Create the pattern or script once, and use it many times – or share it with your colleagues and the community.  Best of all, the Biml language has an open specification and can be used for free from tools like BIDS Helper.