Why DE&I?

Here at SQLBits we can be a tad cliched at the moment – we don’t like to blow our own trumpet about all the good things that we do – we prefer to let other people do it for us…

We aren’t 100% transparent about all of our DE&I initiatives because we are patting ourselves on the back and resting on our laurels – we do those things because a community is only as strong as its inclusivity, and only then as diverse and equitable as its less well represented members.

We didn’t introduce things such as the creche (child care facility), the multi-faith quiet room or the on-site psychotherapist, at SQLBits 2022 or 23, to tick a box on a DE&I form. We did it because it was the right thing to do. We did it because our DE&I team had spent several months meeting regularly to bring these ideas to fruition, to make Bits as accessible an event as possible.

We don’t need to be thanked or congratulated for these because every time we hear that any one of our initiatives is adopted by another conference, we take that as approval enough.

We listened to the feedback, we posted surveys on social media, and we looked at what we could do better – then worked to make the changes we were asked for.

Code of Conduct

The DE&I team, driven by Annette, spent six months creating a very detailed policy document, for the SQLBits committee, clarifying behaviour and consequence protocols. We didn’t shout about this and we haven’t felt the need to publish it, we did it because lessons are always being learned about how to keep both the community, and the conference, as safe as is possible.

As a community, we don’t expect our members to behave in any ways inappropriately, we see the very best traits and behaviours in people and welcome and encourage them – but, if an individual fails to comply with our CoC, we have a clear and concise action plan in place.


We do like to shout about the initiatives that the DE&I team have been working on since I joined the Bits committee – we do want to shout these from the rooftops, and we really do want to make, and we believe we did make, SQLBits 2023 the most inclusive event to date. We understand that equity and diversity will naturally increase as the inclusivity grows, and we are always open to suggestions around this topic – we are especially keen to hear from the more under-represented groups in the tech industry about all the ways we can increase our inclusivity of those groups.

We do want to let everyone know that we will see the return of the creche in years to come (get in touch to arrange childcare once registration is open! – Age range 0 – 16), the multi-faith room, the availability of any physical aids required, the dedicated Quiet Room away from the noise at the famous Bits party, as well as at the games night, and the on-site psychotherapist (who will have her own room away from the expo if needed, and a mobile phone so she can be contacted in complete confidence)

Bits Buddies Podcast!

We are delighted to announce that some of our amazing Bits Buddies have launched a podcast! Calling themselves “Bits Buddies Blast” and interviewing each other for their first podcast before the event, and then talking to as many people at the event that they can poke a microphone at and ask for their “Bits Best Bytes/Bits of Bits that could be Better” and then continuing throughout the year every month. So far the episodes

The focus of this podcast is the people who make the community who drive the event – interviewing some of the most amazing members of the Bits community and asking the questions no one else had asked yet!! Talking about the connections we have all made because of Bits, the friendships that have grown from chance meetings at Bits, possibly even the odd romance that began at Bits, and the networking opportunities that exist because of all of these interactions.


And one more thing that we want to announce and publicise as much, and as far, as possible, even after SQLBits – Our chosen charities for 2023.

  • Feed Newport. A food bank, a baby bank, a cultural food hub, a soup kitchen for the homeless and so much more. WE would appreciate any further donations for them!
  • DKMS – Blood cell donor platform! We raised an amazing amount of money with the help of William, and we hope to get some matches in the near future!