Why All The Flight Puns?

You’ll have noticed the plethora of puns, characters, and graphics alluding to flight around the site, and especially if you’re new to SQLBits, you’re probably wondering what is going on.

An animation for the SQLBits theme for 2024, Aviation, coming to life

One of the defining characteristics of SQLBits is the fact we theme our conference every year. There are some very good reasons we do this you can read about on our Inclusivity page, but the long and short of it is that it makes things a bit more fun. More fun generally means relaxed and happy attendees who are in a good head space to learn and collaborate.

Some of our past themes have included Dungeons and Dragons, Arcade, Disco, Magic, Speakeasy, and Casino! You can read the full list here if you’d like to make SQLBits’ themes over the years your Mastermind subject.

Our 2024 theme is Aviation, in homage to our hosts Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre. Recognising the achievements of those pioneers of the skies and the wealth of heritage and history that goes with it we felt a fitting theme for SQLBits 2024, and as you might have noticed, we like to go all out on our theming, so you will find references aplenty round the website!

Our theming extends across the whole week of SQLBits itself, of course, so expect to see touches throughout – one of your biggest opportunities to get actively involved is at the party on Friday night when the fancy dress (costume party for our friends across the pond!) efforts are enough to put Hollywood to shame! There’ll be themed food and drink, entertainment, and plenty of swag to get your hands on to mark another year of the legend that is SQLBits.

Just another reason to join us at Farnborough in 2024!

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