When ‘Feedback’ gets literal

We take feedback super seriously at SQLBits. Not only is it essential for us to know how you think and feel about what we’re doing with the event, from the topics of the sessions to the theme of the party, we also want to give you something back for sharing that with us. This year, your feedback can help feed local people living on the poverty line.

What did we do in 2022?

Last year, we planted trees. 160 of them in fact, 1 for every 5 respondents. Doing this also offset 160 tCO2 emissions. We worked with the team at Carbon Footprint to get this done.

The majority of trees planted are cell-grown whips (between 40-80cm high dependent on species) to give
them the best chance. All trees are native UK species that have been grown from UK seeds in UK nurseries.

The trees are typically planted across school grounds, parks, farms, woodlands, and other biodiversity sites,
providing wildlife habitats and often bringing additional educational and community benefits.
Typical species planted include Hawthorn, Sessile Oak, Hazel, Downy Birch, Guelder Rose, Field Maple, Rowan,
English Oak, Blackthorn, Wild Cherry

2023 Plans

This year, we’re working with Feed Newport and will be making a donation to help feed local families for each and every person that completes a form – the number to beat is last year’s 789, and with over 2,200 of you set to attend, we hope to smash that record!

Feed Newport CIC offers support to people who are homeless, refugees, people fleeing domestic violence, older people, and those at risk of living in poverty. They offer a Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, Baby Bank, Community Shop, Mental Well Being, and Mentoring Scheme and redirect surplus supermarket food to people in need.?

Their popular initiative, Tin Tuesday is also coming to SQLBits in the guise of Tin Thursday (Friday and Saturday!). In Community Corner, we will be building a 200-tin high tin wall, and we’re asking delegates who feel able to do so to come along, buy a tin for £1, pop their name on for posterity, and start a new wall (feel free to bring your own tins along too!)  At the end of the event, we will deliver all the tins and the donations to Feed Newport. If you’d like to make a donation in the meantime, you can do so here.

Where to give feedback (and how to go in the prize draw!)

Custom feedback forms for sessions can be found at the end of each session description on the SQLBits virtual platform and app so you can just click through to have your say.

The overall conference feedback form is here.

Filling in a feedback form not only going to help Feed Newport in the incredible work they do, you will also be entered in a prize draw each day, drawn at random from all feedback forms received during the day, so make sure you stay around until the end to see if it could be you!