What to do after Couch2SQLBits; how to keep running!

If you didn’t know, Couch2SQLBits was a programme that helps you run a 5k in less than 10 weeks! And we did the final 5k (3 mile) run at SQLBits in-person!

For many of our runners, it was their first taste of running some distance, but once Couch2SQLBits ended it raiises the question; what do I do after Couch2SQLBits? Or simply, what do you do after 5k?

Completing Our Couch2SQLBits programme and running 5k at a conference is a huge achievement in itself, and doing so with a group of runners in the space bubble was equally as awesome!

There are plenty of opportunities to keep going on your running journey… Just because Couch2SQLBits is over for this year, over doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your running shoes!


Let’s go!

After Couch2SQLBits, the tendency to think that you should be at the stage of being able to run a 5k is a popular one, but this isn’t always the case or indeed the norm. After all, life gets in the way and sometimes you just need a bit more time.

So, you might have struggled running 5k at SQLBits, (even though you completed it!) and that’s perfectly cool, but you can keep the stamina going and reach a point where you can…

How to keep the motivation to keep running?

Have you thought about signing up for a race? It’s great for a few reasons – motivation to get up and go, and a way to really put your training to the test! Take a look into your local Parkrun (UK) or join your local running group (or both!)

What about upping the mileage and running a 10k, now it may e more than double Couch2SQLBits, coming in at 6.1 miles, but you can apply all your training, push yourself and try again. That’s the fun part after all, right? You can even get a running app to track and measure your runs (and if you’re competitive, race your friends!)

We’ll leave it on this note…

As a beginner runner, you could be running anything from twice to five times a week. The key is though not to overdo it and knowing your limits. Many beginner runners get infected by the running bug, which is fantastic obviously, but can sometimes lead to exhaustion and overuse injuries – so don’t push your boundaries too far!

No matter how excited you get by your new running journey, be sure to make time for rest and recovery. Your body will thank you for it!

Keep running and we hope to see more people back for the SQLBits run and Couch2SQLBits 2024!