They’re not just sponsors…

If you didn’t know, SQLBits is run by volunteers who do the work to build up this amazing data platform event from the ground, year on end. Without our sponsors we wouldn’t be made possible – you are the glue helping to keep the Bits legacy going! So, this one’s for the sponsors! Thank you for taking the time and energy to invest in our vision and in our event; your sponsorship is integral to our ability to serve our community and teach everyone about all things data!

But this is SQLBits’ time to brag… We have THE BEST sponsors! Not only do they carry the same heart and soul value that we express to the community, but they always go the extra mile at Bits to create memorable experiences for everyone that add to making SQLBits an unforgettable event. Let us walk you through our sponsors and how they helped make SQLBits 2023 an 11/10 event.


Firstly, we say a huge thank you to Microsoft/Intel for being our headline sponsor! You really knocked it out the park with the keynote and had an amazing turnout for Bob Ward’s book signing too (the queues were incredible!). We loved the booth and, of course, the swag that got handed out too, impressive!


Moving onwards in our quest to our platinum sponsors, starting with Redgate! They slayed with a totally awesome on-theme booth, a full on castle, and socks and swag for days! They weren’t hard to miss as they flaunted bright red everyday!


Next up, amazing platinum sponsor, Solarwinds. They always knock it out the park with their futuristic looking booths, and some more epic swag…And just look at that bunting! Managing to create a peaceful place to have a chat to delegates is always hard at a busy conference, but just look at their booth – perfect!


We are always pleased to announce Quest as a sponsor of SQLBits as we are always excited to welcome more orange to the expo hall! They really knew how to get involved with the Dungeons and Dragons theme this year walking around in wizard hats and having an awesome themed booth!


Thank you to our gold sponsor Adatis!

We were LOVING the crowds wearing some awesome D&D inspired shirts this year, it looked awesome!

Can we also show some appreciation for the bright colourful stand? Wow!

Advancing Analytics

Then we have a double sponsor – gold and our well-being sponsor – Advancing Analytics!

Advancing Analytics have been busy with the #SQLBits Run, yoga, smoothies and more, they even brought a claw machine filled with swag! We absolutely loved the lengths they went to to theme their swag, they had some epic Hellfire club-inspired t-shirts from Stranger Things!


Did you noticed the surge of yellow T-shirts walking around SQLBits? They had the whole team coordinated and even pulled yellow capes out the bag for the party!

DELL Technologies

Where would all our techies be without DELL Technologies?

Dell was a gold sponsor this year and even had a sneaky mention in the keynote! Loved how they even brought out the Dungeons and Dragons manual!


Delphix joined the SQLBits Sponsor team this year and came prepared with a buzzer game on their booth, totally shocking!

They really pulled out all stops for SQLBits and it’s really appreciated!

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

DCAC were pleasure to have as a gold sponsor!

They had a wonderful, mystical swag bag filled with adventure on their stand, why not go for a chat and a goodie bag?

…and the stand just looked awesome too – totally on theme with D&D!


Do we even need to talk about the narwhal in the room? We do and it’s Dremio!

We quite possibly the cutest swag on their stand this year, narwhal plushies!

Huge thank you to / oh22data for being a gold sponsor this year!

We truely appreciate your efforts to go all out for the D&D theme – that character on your stand was awesome!

Power BI Sentinel

Power BI Sentinel hosted an awesome Wizards Well Dice game at SQLBits this year, and the prize? Lego!

Great job on teaching everyone about governance, auditing and disaster recovery in Power BI while creating a fun, joyful environment!

Simpson Associates

Simpson Associates were at SQLBits as a gold sponsor, and it was awesome having you on our sponsors team!

If you want to unlock the power of your data, you know where to go!

Tabular Editor

It was pretty hard to miss those green details in the expo hall!

Tabular Editor 3 is THE ultimate productivity tool for Analysis Services and Power BI Tabular modelling, a perfect fit for SQLBits!


Varigence is a wonderful SQLBits sponsor this year and they seem to have got stuck in at SQLBits!

With the mission to make data warehousing and business intelligence available to all, we couldn’t agree more!

Pure Storage

Pure Storage hosted a bucket load of fun at SQLBits 2023 from a bright orange stand to a liquor tasting and pub quiz!

All of which went down amazingly well! Thank you again to Pure Storage!

Nigel Frank

Nigel Frank made it back to SQLBits!

Looking for a job in Microsoft?

Go talk to a member of their team!

Thank you for being a wonderful silver sponsor Nigel Frank! (and supplying the ducks!)


A massive thank you and welcome to our silver sponsors team!

Idera gives users have a comprehensive portfolio of database tools for all organisations!

A huge thank you for joining us to our bronze sponsors which includes CloudRede and Devart. As well as a special mention for Packt and Manning Publishing for supplying us with some wonderful books! Also, a round of applause for our first time sponsors – Power BI Tips/Carlo Consulting, CozyRoc, DevScope and Jet Brains! Last but definately not least – our exhibitor sponsor – dbvisit! It’s been great to have you at SQLBits – and the magician on your stand was a lovely touch!

A huge thank you and so much appreciation for our sponsors as we really couldn’t do SQLBits without you, we love all the effort and hard work you put into helping us make this a welcoming and warm community event!