We love all our sponsors! – SQLBits 2022 edition!

If you didn’t know, SQLBits is run by volunteers who do the work to build up this amazing data platform event from the ground, every year! And this wouldn’t be made possible without our awesome sponsors – you are the glue to keeping the Bits legacy going!

So this one’s for the sponsors! – Thank you for taking the time and energy to invest in our vision and in our event; your sponsorship is integral to our ability to serve our community and teach everyone about all things data!

But this is SQLBits’ time to brag… We have THE BEST sponsors! Not only do they carry the same heart and soul value that we express to the community, but they always go the extra mile at Bits to create memorable experiences for everyone that add to making SQLBits an unforgettable event.

So, do you want some sponsor highlights from 2022?

Let’s dig straight in!

All our sponsors hit it out of the park and exceeded our expectations this year, taking the arcade theme and smashing loads of high scores! Let’s share with you our sponsor’s EPIC booths!


They did a great job of smashing it with the Arcade theme at SQLBits this year as televisions were embedded into wooden arcade machines for the real gamer experience. Each television highlighted different demonstrations and features that Microsoft had to share, and boy was it great! As the Microsoft logo had been transformed to a retro wonderland pasted on the side of the arcade machines it gave a real feel of that 80’s video game nostalgia. Microsoft also featured in Room 1 with an awesome stand covered in neon lights, backdrops and loads more epic 80’s bits and bobs which transformed the entire room for their keynote!


Solarwinds’ booth was absolutely breath-taking, lined with LED lights it really stood out in the expo hall, a mixture of shapes and colours really gave the stand that vintage 80’s feel while still staying modern at SQLBits. With a comfy place to sit and chat to their team about data, the staff on the SolarWinds booth really set the standards high with an amazing Pac-Man suit! Man, it was good to be back in the arcades with such a great bunch of people at Solarwinds!


Standing out as their booth was every inch of their brand – red! Redgate didn’t just build four walls, but a home at this years’ SQLBits as they gave some great demos and really got everyone interacting over at their booth (Their epic phone holder swag needs its own award – so handy!)


The competition for the ‘orangey-est’ stand goes to Quest! Their stand was a great hit as they let the Tetris blocks stack to form their booth! Layered with TVs showcasing their greatest work and swag that certainly entertained us for hours! Quest did a great job at spreading the love for data (and the colour orange) at SQLBits this year.


Adatis hit a home run! With great customer interaction and an awesome booth, Adatis made SQLBits an extremely special event with pub quiz night as the sponsor! So, raise a glass to Adatis!

Advancing Analytics

Advancing Analytics really played into the theme of the arcade at SQLBits this year with a new and creative way for swag – a claw machine! Advancing analytics left their mark at SQLBits (no, not just because of seeing Simon Whiteley’s face everywhere) as they sure grabbed that community spirit and ran with it!


Avanade isn’t just about the data, but also the people. And this shone through like a star at SQLBits as their stand was always busy and beaming, blasting out arcade games, demos, teams calls, and more!

Full Data

Full Data did an awesome job of getting the crowd interacting at SQLBits with their Duck Hunt game on a retro TV! Between talking to people and trying to beat the high score shooting ducks, Full Data was a great sponsor!

Manage engine

Manage engine stood out at Bits (not just because of the bright yellow stand) but because they all wore a smile and welcomed everyone to their stand with open arms!


Coeo, you absolutely smashed it! From matching tracksuits for the Bits party to the epic-themed booth and swag. The dedication from Coeo was outstanding (and it was great to see people hauling around Coeo bags full of goodies!)

Cloud Rede

Are you Rede to hear about this wonderful sponsor? Cloud Rede had top-notch arcade and interaction skills as they were a great Gold Sponsor at SQLBits this year.

Nigel Frank

Nigel Frank certainly wasn’t a sitting duck at SQLBits as they were ready to give a smile and a helping hand to all our attendees with recruitment


Not only did XTEN (Phil) take home half the SQLBits beanbags for their office, they smashed it as a super supporting and welcoming business at SQLBits


Venturi certainly gave all of our attendees their voice as they brought along their podcast! Giving the chance to interview and gain multiple perspectives from around SQLBits on the topic of data!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to our other sponsors EBIS, DBWatch, Intel and Fortified for all being amazing people, and companies and an excellent platform for welcoming everyone to the community to SQLBits.