Sustainability at SQLBits

Two people gardening planting trees and flowers in a garden for sustainability

There are loads of things happening at SQLBits that you might be unaware of which ensures you are doing your part to help the planet stay happy and healthy.

To start our mission of saving the planet one bamboo plate at a time, we enforced that the London ExCeL brought a composting policy into the light which is managed closely by an environmental manager – SQLBits have really left their mark in London. However, sorting plastic, paper from general waste doesn’t quite fit the standards of SQLBits we want to make even more of a difference.


Switching out single-use plastic plates and cutlery for a bamboo alternative so that you get to eat guilt-free (in both ways!). This is a small but impactful change as bamboo is naturally ECO-friendly and biodegradable. A small fun fact…bamboo is sustainable and can be grown without any pesticides of chemicals, it even decomposes completely without any pollutants, meaning it’s a worthwhile change. Not only are we trying to go single-use plastic-free, we are also going as paperless as possible by making our feedback forms virtual and many other aspects of SQLBits are now all online!


Although some items may slip through the gaps, for example, we do have some single-use plastic bottles. We are putting our all in to reinforce that these go from single-use to multi-use by having water machines accessible to all.

You might think it stops there, but no! A major part of SQLBits doing its bit, is that for every 10 feedback forms we receive, we plant a sapling with the National Trust. So you do your part, and we’ll do ours! It’s a win-win! To also help the planet to thrive we have switched out our 42-page agenda booklets (yes, that many pages!) for a digital agenda via our own SQLBits 2022 app, not only is this saving countless pieces of paper but means that it can be taken with you wherever you go!

We would love to hear your feedback for SQLBits 2022 and suggestions for our next event!

Twitter: @SQLBits