Location, Location, Location!

Two people driving in a car

If this year’s SQLBits was your first-ever time attending, we wanted to let you know that SQLBits isn’t just a tea and crumpets with the Queen and a London-centric event – We travel all over the UK, to places such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Telford!

We are a UK-based conference but we make sure to switch up the location every time – can you guess where we are taking you next year?


But how do we decide on a location, you ask?

We want to attract people from all over the world to our conferences, and we absolutely love seeing our supporters come together at SQLBits events. We strive to make sure our venues allow all attendees to be comfortable, as comfortable attendees are more light-hearted and easy-going than those crammed into a small space, all hot and bothered.

We ensure our facilities will always be accessible for everyone so that no one has to be left behind!


No matter if you are coming from down the street, or from across the globe. We make sure we have located a close distance to public transport so that everyone can attend whether it be by car, bus, taxi, plane or train.

Ooooh, it drives us nuts that for some conferences you have to pay hundreds just to commute every day! Luckily, SQLBits will always make sure you get the best of both worlds – Hotels dotted around the area so that you don’t have to be down for the count. Or easy and affordable public transport spots such as trains, buses and bikes! Comfortable rooms and money being saved from not getting a taxi everywhere and everyday! It also reduces your carbon footprint, what more could you want?

Queit airport interior

Choosing locations with scenic attractions and shopping centres around allows you to keep busy and keep your enthusiasm high, while you’re not at SQLBits. Every nook and cranny has been investigated to make sure we pick the right place, to make you as snug as possible, and to be able to sightsee your way through the UK.

We can’t wait to see you next year!