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Testimonies from SQLBits

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers, speakers and attendees for attending SQLBits at the start of March, it was a great pleasure to host the arcade this year! We thought we would share some of our testimonies from those who visited us at the London ExCeL or joined us virtually!

Thanks for having me, realised I’ve now attended 15 SQLBits and this year was the 1st time I presented. It’s Inspiring me to submit more sessions for more things, and well happy with the feedback and 109 attendees great platform. – Martin Croft @martincroft

We really enjoyed the arcade-themed conference and can’t wait to see you all at the event next year! – Nigel Frank Intl – @NigelFrank

I learned loads at SQLBits, from a technical perspective, I picked up a lot of knowledge but I also learned more about my new team, met some great people, and had fun. It also helped me to adjust to “normal” life – Nigel DBA @nigelDBA

It was quite a juggling act this year but it was a lot of fun and I think something special. I made new friends and the SQLBits organisers were amazing and all those who contributed to the success of the conference – Dr. Victoria Holt @victoria_holt

You ran an amazing conference. Awesome sessions, amazing party, great location and let the data community shine at its best. Thank you SQLBits, that you:
Had pronoun stickers
Had quiet spaces
Had a noisy party with a quiet area
Had people to assist anyone struggling
Had sessions discussing mental health – Laura Graham-Brown @Laura_GB

This is THE event you should be trying to attend – Johnny Winter @GreyskullPBI

I wanted to thank all involved with the event as soon as possible. Everybody involved in this year’s SQLBits should be pleased with themselves. Including the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and of course the attendees – Kevin Chant @kevchant

Had the best time at SQLBits! Great to see everyone and meet a lot of new people – Grace O’Halloran @graceoholloran

It was a great opportunity to meet all good old friends, new ones, either for the first time in person or the first time at all; help as a volunteer, be a speaker and represent Avanade as a sponsor. Huge thanks to organisers, all sponsors, and speakers. You rock! – Kamil Nowinski @NowinskiK

Had an amazing time at SQLBits 2022 this year, my first ever time at this event!!! – Pragati Jain @pragati1187

SQLBits offered a crèche option for little people. It was a big help in our case as we could fully focus on the event and our little one could play with blocks, animals, read stories or even watch the trains. Thank you – Mikey Bronowski @MikeyBronowski

Had an incredible time at SQLBits last week! Met some amazing people, caught up with old friends, learned a ton, and presented my first sessions! – Zach Stagers @ZachStagers

Thank you very much for the whole event SQLBits! I’ve enjoyed it again and will definitely come next year – Jaroslav Reken @jaroreken

Huge shout out to the organisers, volunteers, attendees, speakers, on-site staff and all those who made this event possible – THANK YOU! We had a blast – Redgate @redgate

First time coming to SQLBits and I hope it’s not my last. Hip hip hooray to the organizers and volunteers, I had a great time –Mike Diehl @xhead

I already learned so many things in the first two days of SQLBits. It really is a must for Microsoft data professionals. I recommend attending the full-day training sessions, you’ll learn new things from top experts. If you didn’t register for the sessions today or on Friday, don’t miss out on the totally free Saturday – DBI Services @dbiservices

I cannot imagine the complexity of organizing a real hybrid conference, doubling the effort of managing both online and in-presence speakers and attendees. It’s incredible what you have done – Anonymous

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