SQLBits Buddies – a volunteer success story!

At this point, you are most likely aware of our newest introduction at SQLBits – The Bits Buddies!

If you are unfamiliar, they are a group of the best, friendliest people around who are there to make you feel like you belong, whether it’s your first time at the event or third, there will always be a place for you. If you want a chat, someone to grab lunch with, or perhaps advice on which sessions to go to, you know exactly who to talk to and who will always welcome conversation with a big smile!

So, let us introduce you to our Bits Buddies and tell you what they like the most about being buddies and how our volunteers made a difference at SQLBits last March…

Dr Victoria Holt

‘I enjoyed being a Bits Buddy. During the conference, there were lots of people I spoke to who were either first-timers or attending on their own. 

I liked to see these people come back to the community corner multiple times during the event and get involved. I hope the initiative helped everyone feel welcome and have a place to come when there was no one to chat to or they wanted to know about the social events and how to participate.’

We created the Bits Buddies to make it an event you will remember for all the best reasons. We want you to leave with new friends, connections and knowledge, and our Bits buddies have helped us achieve this goal. We want you to get excited to be able to come back to SQLBits, with friends and colleagues and introduce them into our welcoming community. Lastly, we want you to feel like you’re one of us – not an outcast, or ‘newbie’ but a friend. 

We have an amazing story from Robert about how he welcomed a delegate, Helen, to the SQLBits community…

Robert French

‘This year was the first time that SQL Buddies has run; like many things, I think it fair to say that we learned a considerable amount. 

There are many highlights of the event and being a SQL Buddy. 

This year I had the pleasure of meeting a delegate called Helen and introduced and welcomed her to the community we have at SQLBits…’

Emma, one of our SQL Buddies, introduced Helen to Patrick La Blanc. It can be pretty scary to meet a speaker you have seen on social media. Hence, Emma was more than delighted to introduce Helen to Patrick. Even better than that, Helen could get a selfie with one half of Guy in a Cube! The selfie we understand made one of Helen’s work colleagues somewhat jealous when she shared the picture, it made for a good laugh!

Helping to make connections with other people attending SQLBits is just one of the many reasons why we volunteered to be SQL Buddies. What stories can we share next year? Who knows, maybe come and seek out a SQL Buddy at next year’s SQL Bits, have a chat and let’s see what happens.’

Angela Henry

‘Going to a conference by yourself can be a bit overwhelming, especially for IT people. We are usually plopped down behind a keyboard most of the day and rarely have to interact with others. 

When you show up at a conference, you actually have to talk and interact with other people. I can tell you, from first had experience, when someone you do not know approaches you and starts a conversation, it is a welcome relief. You now have another human to spot in a crowd to make it a little less daunting.’ 

Angela continued to tell us about why she decided to join the Bits Buddies…

‘When SQLBits came up with the idea of Bits Buddies, folks helping others who have never attended a conference or would be attending solo, I volunteered as fast I could. I am so glad I did.

I got to meet lots of folks, introduce them to other people, and (hopefully) make them feel welcome and part of the data community.’

We have many more wonderful Bits Buddies in which would be more than happy to welcome you into the SQLBits Community, albeit virtually or in-person!

If you have any questions please contact contactus@sqlbits.com or reach out to any of our buddies!