Speaking at SQLBits? Here’s What to Expect

Speaking at a conference can be quite daunting, and yet it feels like as your career grows, more and more people start throwing microphones at you. That’s why at SQLBits, we’re committed to taking some of the pressure off.  

SQLBits Says ‘Relax’ 

For example: each speaker can take advantage of ‘recharge pods.’ Custom-built, fully equipped, social-battery recharging pods are placed at the centre of the conference so you can stay connected and comfortable, while you take a biscuit break. Who says the future can’t be comfy? 

Want to Make the Most of Metrics? 

This is a tech event, so suuurely we have to include some form of help desk—right? Our tech help desk is readably accessible for all your needs, including engagement metrics. You’ll be able to access valuable feedback on your talk after SQLBits is over, like what your audience loved, what could be improved, and of course, how much they learned during your talk!  

We’ve Done This for a While, and We’ve Got Your Back 

It’s been 15 years since the very first SQLBits, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what separates the good sessions from the great. The key really seems to boil down to how genuinely happy to be presenting that a speaker is. Nerves can’t always be helped, but the monotone droning of even more ‘professional’ presentations wont’ captivate an audience.  Just be yourself, no one is attending so you can sell your products—they are attending for you so…Sell yourself! Don’t worry about the mumbles, ummm’s, and being at loss of words, because it happens to the best of us. Just relax, be confident in your expertise and let everyone see your brain in action as you teach and entertain the audience.   

SQLBits is About Having a Good Time 

We want everyone—including speakers—to leave SQLBits feeling as though they have won something valuable, whether that’s knowledge or just connections with people who can appreciate your expertise and share some of their own with you. 

Let yourself be comfortable as you find joy in talking about your passion: let your true personality lead the way!