It’s not too late to be a Couch-to-SQLBits hero!

Running ace Michael Robson of Advancing Analytics, our partners for all things wellness at SQLBits this year, fills us in on how you can still get involved.

So, you may have noticed we launched the SQLBits Couch to 5k program last week, we’re really excited about this and hope many of you use this opportunity to take up running! However, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the Couchto5k program is normally 9 weeks and there are only 5 weeks left until SQL Bits. Well, fear not, today I’ll be going through some of the reasons you should still be focused on your training and letting you know it’s still not too late!

It’s ok to walk

It’s ok to walk, we have two 5k runs planned for March 15th, the first one is intended to be done at a more relaxed pace and its definitely ok to slow it up or walk if you need to, the second run starts a little later and is targeted at those that want it a little more serious (but not too serious it’s just for fun, right!?)

You don’t have to train for 9 weeks!

Not all plans are 9 weeks; although very popular, the NHS and BBC plan isn’t the only training plan you could follow, there are some great 6-week plans available such as this one from Runner World magazine Couch to 5K plan: Six-week beginner 5k training plan (

Don’t sweat the small stuff

It will be all right on the night and whatever happens in your training don’t give up; you’ll be much more capable than you think. As an experienced runner I’ve lost count of the number of times my training hasn’t gone to plan only to arrive at the event and totally smash it, so however difficult you think it’s going to be, you will too.

If you’re signing up for Couch2SQLBits, why not join our Slack Channel #couch2sqlbitsrun to talk to other participants, share your progress and help each other have a great run.