Explaining the SQLBits Annual Theme & Party: Why We’re So Into Dressing Up

When people first learn about SQLBits, it’s often right after photos from a conference are posted. And we always get curious questions about why exactly we add themes to what is, ostensibly, a data conference focusing on emerging technology trends.  

Where to start? Yes, SQLBits does hold a flamboyant party at every conference. From a variation of dynamic themes and concepts, we manage to create an unusual but high-spirited networking opportunity that gives you the chance to make a cracking impression and let your hair down. Plenty of connections get made during training sessions, but for some people it’s simply easier to close their notebooks and put your laptops to sleep before getting out of their shell. (Even if this year it might involve them dressing as Doctor Eggman.) 

The thing is, we want you to build an exceptional community. We believe that in doing that—and forging some new connections—give you the chance to grow independently as leaders. Maybe you’ll find someone you want to work with in the future. Or perhaps even discovering people with whom you can create your own fantastic data events with. Sometimes the best long-term career connections you make start with bonding over something totally non-work related. (Sometimes it revolves around getting a question right at Pub Quiz that no one else does!) 

Now, how do we choose a theme for our conference and party? We want to make sure you have fun, yet it doesn’t take away the seriousness of us helping you to learn! Having a theme everyone knows and can relate to allows a massive amount of engagement between attendees, as you can gather around a common idea. And, of course, we have to make sure our theme makes up for some amazing fancy dress creations! That’s why we always appreciate suggestions for future themes. Just shoot off your idea to contactus@sqlbits.com.