Get Those Dancing Shoes On and PARTY!

A group of peopel dancing on a rainbow dance floor with a disco ball at the SQLBits party

We want to inspire you and help put you in contact with people who can share their knowledge and provide you with great opportunities, except at SQLBits we don’t stop there… We want you not only to take away some new contacts but a great bunch of friends and to be part of our community.

That’s why we offer some unconventional and enjoyable networking opportunities:

Board games night:

As a wonderful end to two full days of training and in preparation for the next 3 days of sessions, boy do we have a treat for you on Wednesday night!

We are hosting games night at 6:30 pm, with a bunch of varieties of games and huge round tables where everyone can get involved and have a friendly competition. As the big, friendly family we are at SQLBits, we thought board games would be perfect. Not only do they put your cognitive process to the test, it also gives you a chance to bond as a team in a fun yet relaxed environment. Board games may bring out your competitive side (who doesn’t love a good competition?) which makes a great outlet for stress and anxiety by providing you with social interactivity which promotes strong relationships with all the new friends you’ve met from the first 2 days of Bits!

Pub Quiz:

We might not be a traditional pub, but when it comes to the pub quiz, we’ve nailed it! A comfortable environment where you can join a round table of 10 new and old friends to answer questions, win prizes, and, of course, enjoy a curry. Our pub quiz (which is sponsored by Adatis) gives you a buzz as you’re provided with the opportunity to win some on-theme prizes, and even if you don’t win, you get to take away a whole team of new friends: it’s a win-win.

Test your trivia on Thursday at 6:30 pm in the expo room!

Party Time!

Get your boogie on at our retro-themed electrifying party on Friday night! With interactive games, street food, fancy dress, and we can’t leave out the bar (Cheers!) this will be a great way to make new friends while reinforcing your working relationships.

We understand that you might be nervous or anxious to delve straight into networking.

At SQLBits we remove the awkward introductions as when you attend our epic party, you already have something in common—the conference! So that means you instantly have something to chat about with a new person. Giving you the perfect way to do a year’s worth of networking done in your industry in one night!

During the party, and at any other time, we are sure to include a non-sensory environment for those who aren’t comfortable with noisy areas and big crowds. We even have a separate bar to let you unwind and relax in peace.

If you have any questions about entertainment at SQLBits, please feel free to send us an email at