Delegate Toolkit: What You Need to Know About Attending SQLBits 

Let’s not beat around the bush, SQLBits is here so everyone can learn about data and have fun simultaneously. You get the data training you want, and get to make friends along the way by having a laugh. No stiff, no starch, just excitement. 

That makes our vision for SQLBits a fairly huge one, but we’ve been making it work for 15 years. Not only are we offering a uniquely affordable experience (we’re all volunteers) but we also foster a unique environment.  

How We Create Comfortable Learning Environments 

Whether you’re experienced or not,  we’re open to all entrant because we prioritize what people can offer. That means hearing some new things, and in a pretty comfortable, if non-traditional, environment. There is no risk of sessions being over-packed, cramped, and squishy—we live stream the amazing speakers hearing on the big screen—and you don’t have to worry about the uncomfy cinema seats, as we supply cozy beanbags to sit on and enjoy the session through wireless headphones.   

Don’t worry, you won’t be sitting listening to speakers repeatedly ‘blah, blah, blah’ all day long (everyone’s worst conference nightmare.) Our speakers each have their unique style of presenting, so no two talks will be in the same ballpark. Each speaker takes you on a trip down the rabbit hole of data and can show you all their little quirks and tips! You really do get your worth from SQLBits, from learning data tricks that you’ve never even heard of before, to reinforce your skills while being surrounded by friends, so you can relax and forget all about the never-ending PowerPoints, sponsored workshops all about selling you a product and the dry lectures! 

At SQLBits we care about our events as much as you do (if not more)! We are bonded to our high standards of community and creativity. That’s why we have a full free day of learning(!)—we do this to allow everyone to get their careers kick-started, and get you up and ready to dive straight into data!