Costumes for the SQLBits 2024 Party have Landed!

SQLBits 2024 is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, you’re not only excited about the cutting-edge tech discussions and networking opportunities but also about the epic SQLBits party! And guess what? The theme for this year’s bash is aviation. So, it’s time to get your creative gears turning and plan the perfect costume that will have you soaring above the rest. Let’s explore some high-flying ideas to make your SQLBits 2024 party experience truly unforgettable!

Costumes from SQLBits 2022 – Arcade!
  1. Steward: An airline steward uniform with a pillbox hat and a tray of “in-flight” snacks.
  2. Pilot: High-tech flight suit, helmet, and combat boots for that Top Gun look. (You can’t forget the aviator sunglasses!)
  3. Jet: A circular costume with spinning turbine blades and jet exhaust.
  4. Parachutist: Skydiving jumpsuit, goggles, and a backpack parachute.
  5. Space Shuttle Crew: Astronaut suits with NASA logos (Aliens are optional)
  6. Air Traffic Control Tower: A tall costume with blinking lights and radar decorations.
  7. Luggage: Wrap yourself in a large cardboard box designed like a suitcase.
  8. Airplane Mechanic: Overalls with grease stains, tool belts, and wrenches.
  9. Globe Trotter: Explorer outfit with a globe as a hat and a backpack full of travel souvenirs.
  10. Tourist Trap: Hawaiian shirt, camera, and a fanny pack with travel brochures.
  11. Travel Agent: Business attire with a name tag, travel brochures, and a headset.
  12. Time Traveler: Combine historical and futuristic elements for a time-traveling adventurer.
  13. Map: Dress as a giant map with a “You are Here” marker.
  14. Hot Air Balloonist: Victorian-inspired clothing with a balloon-themed twist.
  15. Steampunk Explorer: Victorian-era explorer attire with steampunk accessories.
Bits Buddy Barney dressed up for SQLBits 2023 – Dungeons and dragons!

We have high expectations for your attire while on our premises. Please remember, if your outfit is inappropriate or is deemed offensive, you’ll be promptly escorted off the property and out of SQLBits altogether. Let’s keep the code and the clothing clean and embrace the theme in the best way possible!

Now that you’ve got a galaxy of costume ideas, it’s time to start planning your SQLBits 2024 party ensemble. Whether you’re cruising as a pilot, exploring as an astronaut, or time-traveling through fashion, your costume will undoubtedly make you a standout attendee at this aviation-themed extravaganza. So, prepare to take flight and enjoy the journey at the SQLBits 2024 party like never before!